Thursday, 19 November 2015

Creating Database in Ms Access Video Tutorial

All right after Introduction of Ms Access , Databases and basic terms related with Database now we are able to create Databases in Ms Access.

1. Open Access, As you open Ms Access following screen will display

Creating Database in Ms Access
Access Start Page

2. The Left Section of the screen contains the recent projects we have created and open other files button and the right section contains the database Templates. 
3. But at this time we have to create a new blank database so click on "Blank Desktop Database" new screen appear which consist on a sheet called Datasheet as shown in the picture below:

Creating Database in Ms Access 2013

4. Suppose we want to create a library Database, which can contain books tables, authors table and publishers table respectively. 

Books Table:
Name of Book
Date of publishment

Authors Table:
Name of Author

Publishers Table:
Name of publisher

By default when new table is generated by access its name is table(n) such as table1, table 2, but we needs to save it, go to file and click save, A small dialogue box appears in which provide name of table under Table text box and click ok
Datasheet View Table in Access 2013
save table

then just double click to rename it
then click add new fields choose data types such as short text for simple text such as name,city,country etc, long text for more text , number for number fields and so on and types the name of fields such as in books table fields may be name of book, edition of book, date of publishment, publisher and author. 
create all the three tables in this way 


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